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NE Care Inc Board Membership

Membership is now open to anyone wishing to join NE Care Inc.  Membership is $5 and must accompany a completed membership application form, which can be downloaded here


North East Care - Special Meeting & Annual General Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes - 31 May 2017

Minutes - 15 February 2017

Minutes - 17 August 2016


Aminya Community Update - 15 June 2016

The presentation and video that were shown at the recent Aminya Community Update are available to view below:

Community Update Presentation

View the Aminya Video on our YouTube page here

ABC Northern Tasmania's Belinda King did an interview with Aminya Facility Manager Nadine Ozols on Tuesday 14 June regarding the community update.  If you missed it you can listen by clicking here.


NE Care Inc Board Membership - 26 April 2016

Membership is now open to anyone wishing to join NE Care Inc.  Membership is $5 and must accompany a completed membership application form, which can be downloaded here


Aminya Update - 31 March 2016

The Board of NE Care Inc will hold their first meeting today.  The Board consists of Tim Watson (Dorset General Manager & Chair), Mayor Greg Howard, a representative from May Shaw and 4 community elected members, Marilyn Canterford, Max Willson, Dr Roger Skierka and Gail Archer.  More information on board members will be provided shortly.

North Eastern Advertiser Article - 10 February 2016

The NE Advertiser ran an article on Aminya in last weeks edition.  A copy of the article is available to read here

Public Meeting Presentation - 14 October 2015

The presentation that was shown by Mayor Greg Howard and General Manager Tim Watson in October is available for download below.

Aminya - Community Update 14-10-15

Aminya Transfer Announced

It has been announced that May Shaw Health Centre will take over Aminya at the end of November 2015.

For more information, please see this online news article: Aminya Transfer Announced

There will also be a public meeting held at 7 pm on Wednesday 14th October at the Scottsdale RSL to fully explain to the community the detail of the arrangement. This will also allow the community to ask questions now that everything has been signed and agreed.

Dorset Council is extremely pleased that Aminya now has a secure future here in Scottsdale.

Aminya Clarification - 17 July 2015

Recent Public comments on Dorset Council's website, as well as comments made on ABC radio, may be misinterpreted as inferring that May Shaw is poised to assume the running of Aminya. To clear up any misunderstanding, it is important to understand that May Shaw has made no such commitment and at this stage has only agreed to work with Council to investigate options that would result in a viable community based solution for the North East.

The statement below clarifies May Shaw's current involvement and that of Aged Care Deloraine, both of whom Council is obtaining advice from in its endeavours to identify a viable solution. For further information please contact Acting Mayor, Greg Howard on 0409 546 247 or General Manager, Tim Watson on 6352 6500 (from Monday 20 July).

Media Statement - May Shaw

Aminya Update - 13 July 2015

In relation to the proposed Aminya closure in 2016, continuing the provision of aged care in the municipality is still the number one priority for Council. The former committee of Aminya has nominated May Shaw Nursing Homes from Swansea as its preferred entity to negotiate with Presbyterian Care for the transfer of the facility.  Those negotiations are currently taking place with facilitation being provided by Dorset Council who may yet need to have a financial interest in the deal.  It is anticipated that negotiations will be completed within the next two months and at this stage I remain confident of a successful outcome.

Recent calls from politicians, members of the public, etc. for Minister Michael Ferguson to step up and solve the issue are counterproductive as firstly, aged care is not a State responsibility and secondly, the negotiations are about a private financial transaction over which the Minister has no control.

Assuming Presbyterian Care, May Shaw and Council can come to a mutual arrangement then Minister Ferguson will have a role to play in the amalgamation of Aminya and the James Scott Wing of the hospital to ensure that aged care in the municipality can operate on a sustainable basis.  Minister Ferguson is aware of this requirement following recent discussions with the Dorset Council General Manager and myself.

Greg Howard, Acting Mayor

Aminya Closure - Update - 22 June 2015

On the 27th of May a meeting was convened by key community members and stakeholders of Aminya to discuss the announcement of Presbyterian Care Tasmania of its intention to cease operating the facility by May 2016. Since that meeting Dorset Council has been investigating options to ensure that the aged care services Aminya currently provides are not lost to the community of the North East. At this stage I can report that our initial investigations have been fruitful and we remain optimistic that there is a long term solution for the North East. To this end Council officers have been in discussions with the CEO of Presbyterian Care Tasmania – John Brooks , and I am pleased  to advise that there is genuine goodwill on the part of Presbyterian Care Tasmania to work collaboratively with Council to facilitate the orderly transition of the Aminya operations to another aged care provider.

Whilst we understand there is considerable angst and concern in the community over the future of aged care services in the North East, it is important to understand that the provision of aged care services is complex and it will therefore take some time to work through this process. I reiterate that we remain optimistic that there is a viable long term solution, however, it is premature to make any guarantees at this stage about the likely success or otherwise of this process and therefore concerned families of Aminya residents are advised to work closely with Presbyterian Care to fully understand their options.

Greg Howard, Acting Mayor

This link will take you to the ABC website where you can view the news video and story that was shown on Tuesday 2 June regarding the Aminya Closure: ABC Northern Tasmania - News Bulletin - 2 June 2015

Stakeholder Meeting 27 May 2016

An Aminya Stakeholders Meeting was held on Wednesday 27 May 2015 at the Dorset Council Chambers. This meeting was Co-Chaired by Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis and Stephen Love (former Chair of the Aminya Board). Primarily the meeting was for key stakeholders (Dorset Council, State Government, Northbourne Park Association Inc, Dept of Health & Human Services DHHS, and Former Aminya Board Members) to discuss an action plan to keep the facility open. Some members of the public attended and were able to sit in on the first portion of the meeting, before it went into closed session due to the nature of the commercial in confidence information to be discussed.

Notes were taken during the first portion of the meeting, and are available below for your information.

Minutes - 27 May 2015 Stakeholder Meeting

From the closed session portion of the meeting, an action working group was formed to investigate viable options for the future, and to form a business case to allow the facility to remain open.

For further information on the progress of this group please contact Dorset Council General Manager Tim Watson on 03 6352 6500.