Dorset Australia Day Awards

Each year as part of our Australia Day celebrations, Dorset Council recognises the achievements of community members by presenting Dorset Australia Day Awards.

2018 Dorset Australia Day Awards

The Dorset Australia Day Awards are presented annually and recognise outstanding individuals/groups that make a real contribution and difference to our community. Nominations for 2018 are accepted until the end of November! Simply click on the links below to download the guidelines and a nomination form.

Dorset Australia Day Awards Guidelines  /  Dorset Australia Day Awards Nomination Form

The Dorset Australia Day Awards are presented at a ceremony normally held at 7 pm on the 25th of January (location varies). All community members are welcome to attend. Check out the Events Calendar to see if details have been finalised for the next ceremony, and for other events planned for Australia Day.

2017 Dorset Australia Day Awards

2017 Dorset Australia Day Award Recipients

2017 Dorset Citizen of the Year: Katherine Dodds

Katherine has been recognised for the many hours she has dedicated to working at the Scottsdale Visitor Information Centre. Kathy was nominated by her fellow volunteers at the centre, which is a credit to Kathy in her position as the Volunteer Coordinator. Letters of support for Kathy’s nomination were provided by Sarah Hirst from the Leaning Church Vineyard and the owners of Anabel’s of Scottsdale, demonstrating some of the great relationships Kathy has fostered with our local tourism providers. She has been described as a powerhouse in promoting North East Tasmania and many are impressed by her dedication to her voluntary position.

2017 Dorset Young Citizen of the Year: Hannah Viney

Selection criteria for the Dorset Young Citizen of the Year include having positive and inspiring personal attributes showing qualities such as versatility, flexibility and perseverance in service to the community, and for personal effort and initiative to have made a significant difference to the quality of life of the community. Our Young Citizen of the Year certainly demonstrates such attributes, and is seen as a leader in her chosen sport. Hannah is the first young lady from Dorset to have been selected in a Tasmanian Women’s Football Team. She was selected in the Tasmanian Under 18 Women’s Football Team to compete in the 2016 National Championships in Melbourne, but a broken collarbone unfortunately sidelined this young footballer for some months! But this did not deter Hannah from returning to the sport she loves, and she is back playing football again. Hannah is described as an inspiration to young girls in the North East aspiring to play football, and is seen as a great role model.

2017 Dorset Volunteer of the Year: Kaye Jaffray

Kaye has been recognised for more than 25 years of voluntary and charitable works in Dorset, donating her time to cook for numerous functions, to run raffles, pick up rubbish, cut people’s lawns, help out with gardening… and so on! We understand Kaye planted 10,000 daffodils in the Legerwood Memorial Park, a very impressive achievement! She has been described as someone always willing to lend a helping hand, and as a very good cook!

2017 Dorset Sports Award: Shaun Krushka

Shaun has been recognised for his passion and dedication to sport for more than 30 years, especially Football, Cricket and Golf. Shaun has captained many teams and held committee positions, as well as coached junior sports, demonstrating his leadership skills and commitment to our sporting communities. He is described as very encouraging and inclusive to all in team sports, especially trying to lift morale, and often takes time off from paid work to fulfill his sporting commitments as a player and/or coach.

2017 Dorset Community Event of the Year: New Years Legerwood Dance Fundraiser

This event has been held annually since 2006, so has been going for many years! It was originally started to raise funds for carving the memorial trees at Legerwood, raising about $18,000 which is a very impressive sum. Since then, funds raised by the event have been donated to other charities and organisations including the Scottsdale Hospital Auxiliary, Aminya, the Scottsdale RSL Military Museum, and local CWA and Lions Club groups in Dorset. Congratulations to the organisers of the New Years Legerwood Dance Fundraiser for making this event such a success.

Certificates of Appreciation 2017

All nominees for Australia Day Awards are considered for a Certificate of Appreciation. Certificates of Appreciation celebrate the rich diversity of our vibrant community. They are awarded to recognise individuals and groups who continuously strive to make our community a better place for those who live, work and visit our special part of the world.

In 2017, the Australia Day Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to:

Derryce Falls: Derryce Falls would be a familiar face to many in Scottsdale, often helping out with fundraisers in the area. She has been described as hard working, generous and thoughtful, and as always being the first person to offer her assistance wherever needed. Derryce has been recognised for being a very valued member of the Dorset community. 
(Nominated for Citizen of the Year)

Trevor Smith: Trevor Smith has been described as an unsung hero in Dorset, and a great asset to his home town of Branxholm. He voluntarily maintains the Branxholm Cemetery, has spent many years working to convert the Briseis Water Race into a walking trail, and is a steward for the Branxholm Flower Show. 
(Nominated for Citizen & Volunteer of the Year)

Ashley Styles: Ashley Styles has dedicated many years to the Scottsdale Show, having been actively involved in the North East Agricultural and Pastoral Society since she was only nine years old. Last year she took on the role of Chief Trade Coordinator at the show, and she is also a volunteer at the Scottsdale Visitor Information Centre. Ashley has been described as having all the attributes of a valuable volunteer, and has been recognised for her commendable desire to assist her community. 
(Nominated for Volunteer of the Year)

Tess Moore: Tess Moore has been recognised as a hard-working and valued member of the Dorset community, willingly volunteering her time wherever needed, and an active member of several community groups including the Jetsonville Playgroup and Scottsdale Football Club Social Committee. Described as an awesome team leader, she inspires others to put in their best efforts. 
(Nominated for Volunteer of the Year)