Bridport Primary School

Established in 1915, Bridport Primary School upholds the traditional values of respect, safety and honesty. Teaching approaches and curriculum content are developed around the needs of each individual. We believe in meeting the child where they are at, finding out what they can do and then providing opportunities for them to grow.

Our curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum with a high emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. 
Specialist teachers cover Physical Education and Music.
A Flying Start/Resource teacher supports learning in classrooms. 
Teacher Assistants also provide additional support to students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Our Launching Into Learning Program caters for 0 – 4 years.


Respect - Positive and effective interactions are built on mutual respect based around our school rules - Be Safe, Be Fair, Show Care.

Our behaviour management and supportive school environment policy is based upon Positive Behaviour Support, which focuses strongly on the reward of positive and acceptable behaviours, to encourage children to make appropriate choices.


For further information regarding Bridport Primary School please contact the principal.

Bridport Primary School 
Principal - Carol Stingel
10 South Street, Bridport TAS 7262 
Tel: (03) 6356 1226  Fax: (03) 6356 1666