Community Groups & Activities

The Dorset municipality is home to a large and diverse range of community groups, ranging from service clubs to sporting clubs and including volunteer groups, sewing groups, playgroups and more... We also have a number of other social activities on offer! Check out the listings below!

A full list of all Dorset community groups and activities can be downloaded below.

All Community Groups & Activities in Dorset - listed alphabetically

We have also divided these groups/activities by type into the following smaller files:

Arts, Crafts, Musical & Performance Groups & Activities

Children's Groups & Activities

Community, Social, Special Interest & Support Groups & Activities

Sports & Other Active Groups & Activities

And there is plenty more to keep you active and social in our community! A calendar of events scheduled in the Dorset region can be viewed below, or visit our Events Page for more information.

Please contact Dorset Council on 03 6352 6500 or if your listing needs to be updated, or if you would like your group or activity included in these listings.