Emergency Management & Recovery

The Dorset Emergency Management Plan describes the emergency management arrangements for the municipal area of Dorset, in order to counter the impact and effect of emergencies on our community.

The Dorset Emergency Management Plan is issued under the authority of the State Controller, in accordance with the requirements of Section 34 of the Emergency Management Act 2006 and is maintained by Council.  The Plan was reviewed in early 2018 and has now been endorsed by the State Controller.

The objectives of this plan are to record:

1. Roles and responsibilities related to identified hazards and emergency management functions
2. Current arrangements for Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
3. Identify opportunities to reduce risks to the community

To review the Dorset Emergency Management Plan, click on the link below:

Dorset Municipal Emergency Management Plan Issue 7 - 2018

Our emergency services are also always on the look out for people just like you to assist as volunteers. Please see the link below to join, learn and be ready.