Water and Wastewater

On-Site Wastewater Management

Thinking of a Septic Tank & Maintenance of a Septic Tank

Documents required as part of an application for an on-site Wastewater Management System can be seen by clicking here.

For further information relating to the application process, please refer to Council's Building & Plumbing Information page.

For regulatory information regarding on-site plumbing, including a list of accredited systems, please visit www.justice.tas.gov.au/building/plumbing or contact Building Services at the Department of Justice.

For details on Wastewater Treatment System designers accredited within Tasmania, please contact Consumer, Building & Occupational Services at the Department of Justice. 

Water Monitoring

Safe and clean drinking water is pivotal to healthy communities. Private water suppliers include food premises and suppliers of water from an untreated source. As such, persons intending on providing untreated water for public consumption are required to notify Council.

Council is responsible for recreational water monitoring which helps maintain clean swimming and water sports areas. This includes regular sampling and assessment to ensure our beaches and rivers remain safe to use and enjoy. Council is also responsible for similar testing of public swimming pools and spas. 

Report a Problem

For all water and water management issues click here