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Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

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Dorset has a unique blend of wilderness, wildlife, stunning scenery, mining heritage, secluded beaches and world class golf courses.

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Dorset Council is focused on providing support to potential investors to facilitate sustainable developments large and small.

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Grants/Scholarship Opportunities

Dorset Council offers grants and education scholarships to the community through the Community Grants Program and the Barry Jarvis Education Scholarships.

Dorset Council Community Grants Program - ROUND 1 APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Dorset Council offers three grants to community groups under the Community Grants Program. Depending on the type of project and the funds required, community groups can apply for one of three grants from a total pool of $55,000:

Dorset Council Small Grant Stream (up to $2,000*): 

The purpose of these grants is to contribute to community life in Dorset. Community groups and organisations are encouraged to apply for financial assistance towards programs, projects or events that improve the well-being of people living in Dorset.

Dorset Council Small Grants Guidelines  /  Application Form **

Dorset Council Community Matching Funds Grant Stream (up to $15,000*, and with matching contribution): 

The purpose of these grants is to provide community groups and organisations with additional resources for community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen the Dorset community - note, funds must be matched (with a matching dollar value of cash and/or in-kind contribution from the requesting group or organisation). All projects are initiated, planned and implemented by community members, in partnership with Dorset Council.  

Dorset Council Community Matching Funds Grant Guidelines  /  Application Form **

Dorset Councillors Discretionary Grant Stream (up to $15,000):

The purpose of these grants is to provide community organisations with funding for projects that are on land owned by Dorset Council. Applications for one of these grants may be submitted at any time, using the appropriate application form. (Discretionary grant funds become available from 1 July each year, and remain available during the financial year until that year's discretionary grant pool has been fully allocated).   

Dorset Councillors Discretionary Grants Guidelines  /  Application Form **  

* Applications must be submitted in accordance with the Critical Dates listed in their relevant Guidelines. Make sure to review these guidelines prior to submitting a grant application.

** Community groups wanting to apply for ANY funding stream must first make an appointment with a member of the Community & Development Team to discuss project eligibility and feasibility. Please phone 03 6352 6500 to make an appointment.

The following is a sample Grant Evaluation Form, which successful applicants have to complete within two months of spending their grant funds: Evaluation Form We recommend reviewing this document prior to submitting a Grant Application.

SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE GRANT ALERTS: To receive regular information on a range of grants available to community organisations, subscribe to the grant alert email service by emailing

Education Scholarships

Dorset Council provides eight scholarships annually for local community members to further their education. These have been named in honour of the late Mayor Barry Jarvis, who was a strong advocate of education in Dorset. 

  • Barry Jarvis Scottsdale High School Scholarships (x 5)
  • Barry Jarvis Apprenticeship/Traineeship Scholarship
  • Barry Jarvis Agribusiness Scholarship
  • Barry Jarvis University Scholarship

The successful applicant for the Barry Jarvis University Scholarship in 2019 is Louis Burr from Scottsdale and he is studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Tasmania in Launceston. Louis is very passionate about the Dorset area and as part of his application he highlighted he would like to “…be able to bring my skill asset back to the Community” which is why Louis is wanting to return to Dorset to work at the completion of his studies. The Barry Jarvis University Scholarship provides $3,000 per year for up to three years of university study.

The Barry Jarvis Agribusiness Scholarship provides financial support of $2,500 per year for two years to a student studying Agribusiness. William Headlam is the successful applicant in 2019, and is studying an Agricultural Business Management course.

Dorset Council awarded the 2019 Barry Jarvis Apprenticeship/Traineeship Scholarship to Tom Saunders from Scottsdale. Tom is undertaking an Apprenticeship with Bridport Electrical and will receive $1,000 financial support from Dorset Council to assist with his expenses associated with his Apprenticeship. Tom plans to continue working in the Dorset area for years to come.

Five Barry Jarvis Scottsdale High School Scholarships have been awarded for 2019.  The successful applicants will receive $500 each towards their education expenses. The successful recipients are: Mitchell Woolley and Carly French who are both studying year 11 at Scottsdale High School and Montanna Gilroy, Zayne Flemming and Theresa McGuinness who are studying year 12 at Scottsdale High School.

 Zayne Flemming, Mayor Greg Howard, Theresa McGuinness, Tom Saunders, Carly French, Louis Burr, Mitchell Woolley & Montanna Gilroy (all pictured), and William Headlam (absent), who were all awarded one of the Barry Jarvis Educational Scholarships by Mayor Greg Howard in 2019. 

External Grants and Funding Opportunities:

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