Mayor & Councillors

Councillors are elected by persons eligible to vote in Dorset and are representatives for the whole community. The next Local Government Election will be held in 2022.


2018-2022 Council

Rear | Cr Edwina Powell, Cr Max Hall, Cr Murray Lade, Cr Jerrod Nichols, Cr Wendy McLennan

Front | Cr Jan Hughes, Deputy Mayor Dale Jessup, Mayor Greg Howard, Cr Leonie Stein

Code of Conduct

Please find below the Dorset Council Code of Conduct with includes the Complaint Lodgement Form.  Please note the cost of a code of conduct complaint for 2018-19 financial year is $79.00. 

Dorset Council Councillor Code of Conduct - April 2016

Councillor Gifts and Donations Register

As of 1 August 2018, the Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to keep a register of gifts and donations received by Councillors.  Gifts and donations to be reported include any of the following with a value of $50 or more:

This includes a series of gifts or donations received by the same Councillor from the same donor where the total value in a financial year is $50 or more.  EG: a $10 lunch bought for a Councillor each week over a period of time.  Dorset Council's Councillor Register can be viewed below:

Councillor Gifts and Donations Register - Updated 1 December 2018