Posted: Feb 20, 2014

Scottsdale Town Beautification

In May 2012, members of the community were invited to take part in a forum regarding Scottsdale Town Beautification, resulting from a Notice of Motion by Cr. R J Beswick of 17 December 2012 that Council commence a process to devleop plans for futher beautifying the Scottsdale townscape, with particular reference to the Central Business District and that interested members of the community be invited to participate in that discussion.

The first forum was held on 22 May 2013. The determination of beautification themes and objectives were establsihed by the group, which consists of four Councillors and twenty-two members of the public.

The group will be working to achieve a Scottsdale CBD Street Beautification Master Plan by 31 December 2013. The objectives of the group are defined within with Scottsdale Town Beautification Project Charter.

All documents and discussions from the group meetings will be placed on the website as they are made available.

Forum 22.05.2013 - Summary of Key Points and Group Discussion  

Forum 19.06.2013 - Group Discussion Notes 

Scottsdale Town Beautification Project Charter  


Context Plan 

Alfred Street Version 1 

Charles Street Version 1 

George Street Version 1  

King Street - Meeting Place Version 1  

King Street - Proposed Typical Treatment Version 1  

McLennans Reserve Version 1

USR Charter Version 1

Victoria Street Version 1

William Street Version 1  

William Street Water Feature Version 1