Posted: May 01, 2014

Scottsdale Depot Break-In

Dorset Council’s Scottsdale Depot was broken into in the early hours of Thursday 1st May with an estimated $15,000 worth of stolen goods and damage made.

Two men broke into the Council Depot situated on the Tasman Highway between 3am and 4am.  The men spray painted security cameras before targeting specific tools and other equipment including a large generator, chainsaws, grinders and various power tools.   The men also damaged a Council vehicle which is now inoperable.

Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis said that the crime affects all Dorset residents as the cost to replace and repair the equipment is borne by every rate payer.

“This crime was committed by people who knew their way around the Depot.  This is obvious by the fact they knew where the security cameras were situated.  It was also a targeted attack – they knew specifically what they were looking for” Mayor Jarvis said.

“People with any knowledge relating to this criminal act are urged to share the information with the Police.  Crime Stoppers is completely anonymous, and their number is toll free”.

Crime Stoppers can be contacted on 1800 333 000.

Dorset Council also advised that the attack will affect the delivery of some work scheduled for the next few days.