Posted: May 06, 2014

Dorset Council Celebrates the 25th National Volunteer Week 2014

Dorset Council will join thousands of organisations around the nation to mark the 25th anniversary of National Volunteer Week in Australia (12 – 18 May). This year’s campaign theme “Celebrate the Power of Volunteering” is all about appreciating and understanding the work of volunteers across the nation.

Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis said: “National Volunteer Week 2014, enables us to dedicate and honour our volunteers through time that they so selflessly give up to us. On the 25th National Volunteer Week, we join with other organisations to celebrate our exceptionally skilled volunteers who are not only an asset to our company, to the way we provide services and support our community as well. This is their day.”

 The National peak body for volunteering, Volunteering Australia’s CEO, Brett Williamson, commended the event to recognise the work of volunteers: “With six million volunteers nationally, we are thrilled to acknowledge their hard work and dedication, through educating the community about the role volunteers play in society and change the way they are perceived. They truly are at the benefit of every organisation.”

 The Dorset Council National Volunteer Week event is:

Dorset Volunteers Dinner
6pm Wednesday 14th May
Bridport Bay Inn
All Dorset Volunteers are invited to attend.

Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance from Dorset Council at 3 Ellenor Street, Scottsdale.

 For more Information about National Volunteer Week, please visit Volunteering Australia’s website and follow the National Volunteer Week link on the home page.