Posted: Mar 27, 2018

How Your Council Compares

The Performance Benchmarks outlined below show the financial performance of Dorset Council in comparison to other large rural Councils across Tasmania and in comparison to the other Northern Tasmanian Councils.

The information shows that Dorset’s aim of getting the business model right first was the right decision. In all areas the information shows Dorset leading other Councils by a considerable margin.

Recent delivery of record budget surpluses and capital expenditure programs have benefited Dorset residents and businesses through lower rates and charges, increased employment and vastly improved infrastructure.

These surpluses are providing Council with the financial capacity to substantially improve infrastructure as well as keeping rates and charges at or below CPI. Some fees and charges have actually been lowered or removed altogether (e.g. swimming pool fees). We are continuing to look at fees and charges as a way of offering further relief for residents and visitors.

The improved financial capacity has also dramatically increased Councils ability to attract significant State and Federal funding for large infrastructure projects in the municipality.

Dorset is undoubtedly one of the best performing Councils in the State.

Mayor Greg Howard