Posted: Sep 01, 2018

Notice of Intention to Donate Public Land - CT 9414/303 Hawkes Place, Scottsdale

Local Government Act 1993, s 178(4)

At the 20 August 2018 Council Meeting the Dorset Council resolved that it intends to donate part of the vacant Council land located at Hawkes Place, Scottsdale identified by Certificate of Title reference 9414/303 (referred to in this notice as the Land).

The Land is currently approximately 13,500 sq/m in area and Council has resolved to donate part of that land only, being an area of approximately 5,500 sq/m divided into Lot 1 (approximately 2930 sq/m) and Lot 2 (approximately 2525 sq/m). Following the donation, Council would retain approximately 8,000 sq/m of the Land. An extract from the plan is set out below, and a copy of the complete plan can be inspected at Council’s offices.

Under Section 178 of the Local Government Act 1993any member of the public may make an objection to the proposed donation of the Land. Objections must be made in writing to the General Manager and received by close of business on Monday, 24 September 2018.  Objections sent by regular mail can be addressed to the General Manager, Dorset Council, PO Box 21, Scottsdale, 7260. Objections sent by email can be sent to

Any queries regarding the proposed donation of the Land or this notice can be directed to Ms Sarah Forsyth (Executive Assistant) by calling (03) 6352 6500.

Dated 1st day of September 2018.

Tim Watson
General Manager