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Posted: Nov 22, 2022

Briefing of Decisions | 21 November 2022 Annual General Meeting and Council Meeting

For further information on any of these items, please contact the Mayor, Cr Greg Howard (0409 546 247) or Acting General Manager, Mr John Marik (03 6352 6500).

Briefing of Decisions made at the Council Meeting held on 21 November at the Bridport Multi-Function Centre

  • Held an informal meet and greet session with interested community member to ask questions and get to know the newly elected Council and Directors.
  • Held the Annual General Meeting and presented the 2021/22 Annual Report to the community.
  • Received a Welcome to Country from Aunty Patsy Cameron.
  • Received and noted the quarterly financial report for the period ended 30 September 2022.
  • Approved the sale via auction of a nominated property for unpaid rates pursuant to the Local Government Act 1993 and resolved that if the nominated land fails to sell via auction, that application to the Minister for transfer can be made.
  • Acting at the Planning Authority, approved a planning application for use and development of a visitor accommodation unit at Unit 6, 4 Bridview Place, Bridport, subject to conditions.
  • Acting as the Planning Authority, endorsed the Combined Permit and Amendment 1/2022 and PLA/2022/1266 – Section 39(2) and 43F(6) Report – Review of Representations relating to use and development at 1954 Bridport Road, Bridport, as its report pursuant to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 and that this report be submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission.
  • Approved a variation to the 2022/23 Budget Estimates of $60,000 for the preparation of urban residential growth strategies (structure plans) for Scottsdale and Derby.
  • Approved a variation to the 2022/23 Budget Estimates of $167,500 to fully replace flood damaged essential infrastructure and undertake a GeoTech assessment of the damaged mountain bike trails at Derby.
  • Adopted the schedule for Council Meeting dates for 2023.
  • Appointed Councillor representatives on various Council Committees for a two-year period.

The recording of the Annual General Meeting and Council Meeting can be downloaded below:  

Annual General Meeting 
Ordinary Council Meeting