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Posted 25 June 2024

Briefing of Decisions | Council Meeting - 24 June 2024

Council Meetings

For further information on any of these items, please contact Commissioner Andrew Wardlaw (0408 766 019) or General Manager, Mr John Marik (03 6352 6500).

Briefing of Decisions | Council Meeting - 24 June 2024

Briefing of Decisions made at the Council Meeting held on 24 June at the Council Chambers

  • Approved and adopted the 2024/25 Budget Estimates including a capital works program of $8.8 million including $1.3 million for plant and equipment purchases, $4.0 million for new and upgraded assets and $3.5 million for asset renewals. Of the $8.8 million, $6.3 million is financed by Council, with the remaining $2.6 million to be received from confirmed external funding sources.
  • Approved and adopted the Rates and Charges for 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025 with a 5.7% increase to baseline general rate revenue, along with the introduction of a maximum increase cap so that an individual’s general rate increase from 2023/24 to 2024/25 cannot exceed 15%.
  • Acting as the Planning Authority, approved a planning application for use and development of a general retail building, and buildings for visitor accommodation at 65 Main Street, Derby, subject to conditions.
  • Endorsed the Scottsdale Structure Plan 2024 – 2044 and the Derby Structure Plan 2024 – 2044.
  • Received and noted a progress report on the Dorset Council Strategic Plan 2023 – 2032, and amended activity 7.4 within the Strategic Plan.
  • Adopted the 2024/25 Annual Plan.
  • Approved and adopted the Long Term Financial Plan 2025 – 2034.
  • Adopted the 2024/25 Fees and Charges Schedule.
  • Adopted revised Policy No. 42 – Rates and Charges.
  • Adopted the Urban Stormwater Asset Management Plan 2024.
  • Adopted the newly developed Policy No. 62 – CCTV and Remote Camera.
  • Tabled a Code of Conduct Determination Report in relation to a complaint made by Dr Vincent Teichmann against Councillor Greg Howard.
  • Discussed the presented draft lease and licence for the Bridport foreshore, including the Bridport Seaside Caravan Park and proposed annual fee structure, and approved delegation for the General Manager to negotiate and sign, in the closed session portion of the Meeting.
The recording of the Council Meeting can be downloaded here