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North East Tasmania Rail Trail

A spectacular 52km return trail with lush forest vegetation from Scottsdale to Tulendeena (Billycock Hill)

The Trail

Commence the trail at Scottsdale - the major regional centre of the North East. Here there are plenty of accommodation options including free camping at Northeast Park, supermarkets, bakery, and numerous cafes with some great coffee and tasty treats on offer to start your adventure.

The trail commences at the old Scottsdale Railway Station where it heads south out of town and descends through picturesque farmland and bushland. A trail connection links 3km out of town with Northeast Park for those camping or wanting a small detour. Heading behind the old timber mill at Lings Sidling the trail crosses the Tasman Highway twice (good sight lines) before crossing over the Great Forester River at Tonganah.

From Tonganah the trail heads steadily up through tall forests, tree fern lined cuttings and huge embankments across gullies to the former railway station at Tulendeena (the top of Billycock Hill). Here the trail officially ends however you can continue down the Snake Track into Legerwood to see the tree carvings. (Note: This road is gravel and steep in places).

Maintenance issues: The trail is maintained by the Scottsdale Rotary Club. If you come across something needing attention on the trail please let them know. Call Shane on 0409 527 228.

Trail access:

The two directional trail consists of a good gravel surface, suitable for all weather riding. It can be accessed at the following points:

  • Scottsdale - Ellenor Street (next to Serve Ag)
  • Scottsdale - King Street (corner of King Street and William Street)
  • Tonganah - Off Tonganah Road, 7km east of Scottsdale
  • Tulendeena - Snake Track

Trail facilities:

Shelter sheds are located at the old railway station sites at Trewalla, Kamona and Tulendeena.

Toilet facilities are located at: Scottsdale - Alfred Street (next to the Scottsdale Visitor Information Centre), Tonganah and Legerwood.

Water is available at: Scottsdale - Scottsdale Recreation Ground, Tonganah and Kamona.

The History

The Launceston to Scottsdale railway line was opened in February 1889 with the rail reaching Branxholm in 1911 and to Herrick in 1919. By 1978 the last passenger trains closed down in Tasmania and the rail network, including the Launceston-Scottsdale line, focused solely on freight. By the early 1980's the Scottsdale line had just three daily services and by 2005 the line was closed.

The Rotary Club of Scottsdale and volunteers developed the first 14km section of the trail from Tonganah through to Billycock Hill. This was opened around 2012 with the second stage from Scottsdale to Tonganah opened in 2015.

Additional Information

Stage 3 of the North East Rail Trail is currently in the planning phase. This project would see the trail extend a further 40km from Scottsdale through to Lilydale Falls.

North East Rail Trail Existing Trail 4
Railway Station - Railway Precinct
North East Rail Trail Existing Trail 3