Dorset NRM Project

The Dorset Natural Resource Management (NRM) Project was initiated in response to the need to consolidate existing integrated catchment management (ICM) and natural resource management (NRM) related groups and planning documents into an integrated and strategic management framework.

Key Dorset NRM Project outcomes to date include: 

-  The establishment of Dorset NRM as an incorporated association (Dorset NRM Inc.) to oversee the implementation and review of the Dorset NRM Strategy;
-  The publication of the Dorset NRM Strategy 2002, following 14 public meetings and consultation with 83 stakeholder groups, government agencies and businesses;
-  Ongoing identification and implementation of priority strategic objectives of the Dorset NRM Strategy; and
-  Active engagement in the development, implementation and review of the Northern Tasmania NRM Strategy 2005.

Dorset NRM Inc. has been established and has the following objectives: 

-  Implement and review the Dorset Natural Resource Management Strategy;
-  Support and assist Integrated Catchment Management, Landcare, Coastcare, Waterwatch and other natural resource management related community groups to achieve sustainable natural resource management outcomes;
-  Contribute to priority local and regional sustainable natural resource management initiatives;
-  Publicise and promote the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as the preservation and enhancement of natural diversity;
-  Provide a representative and equitable forum for the discussion of natural resource management issues;
-  Undertake on-ground works, research, or other activities that address priority natural resource management issues;
-  Undertake such activities as are necessary for ongoing administration of Dorset NRM Inc.;
-  Seek funding to pursue the objectives of the Association;
-  Work cooperatively with government, industry and the general community to achieve sustainable and integrated natural resource management  outcomes; and
-  Undertake other activities that are consistent with best practice principles of sustainable natural resource management.

Operating with the assistance of Dorset Council and the Australian Government's 'Caring for Our Country' program through NRM North.

Dorset NRM is an incorporated and representative community organisation, that welcomes community participation. 

Please Contact:

Dorset Natural Resource Management Inc.
PO Box 21, Scottsdale, Tasmania  7260