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Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

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Dorset has a unique blend of wilderness, wildlife, stunning scenery, mining heritage, secluded beaches and world class golf courses.

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Business community in Dorset

Dorset Council is focused on providing support to potential investors to facilitate sustainable developments large and small.

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Permits & Licences

On this page:

  1. Events
  2. Building and Development
  3. Animals
  4. Roads
  5. Food Businesses
  6. Other Licences/Permits


Are you running a public event? You may require particular permits and/or licences from Dorset Council.

Temporary Occupancy Permit
Place of Assembly - Specific Event Application Form
Facility Hire
Application for Street Closure
Food Registration (see below)
Food Registration Notification (see below)

For more information please contact the customer service team on 03 6352 6500.

Building and Development

Are you thinking of building on your property?  You may require planning and building permits for works. Click on the links below for the relevant information.

Building & Plumbing
Planning & Subdivision


Do you have more than 3 dogs registered on your property?   If you do, then you will need to apply for a Kennel Licence. An information pack is provided below for your assistance.

Kennel Licence Information Pack


The purpose of this application is for Dorset Council to provide approval for works to be undertaken in the road reservation, if they impact Dorset Council assets or involve public safety.

Application for Permit to Carry Out Works in a Road Reserve

Food Businesses

Council plays a role in maintaining food safety within the community through food premises audits, food handler training, food sampling, and investigation of food complaints.

Food Business Registration Application Form
Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application - For use by operators of mobile food vans/stalls at Derby only (eg. Derby Park, Blue Derby Trailhead)

Fit out and construction requirements for food businesses:

Design and Construction Requirements
Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses


Labelling Requirements

Other Licences/Permits

Here are other licences and permits that you may require for various reasons:

Fencing Agreement - property that adjoins a Council reserve

Please contact the Dorset Council Works Depot on 03 6352 6510 if you are wishing to utilise a Private Works arrangement.