Permits & Licences


Are you running a public event?
You may require particular permits and/or licences from Dorset Council. Click on the links below to be redirected to the information required.

More information can be found in this Event Licence Guide, or by contacting Dorset Council on 03 6352 6500.

Building & Development:

Are you thinking of building on your property? 
You may require planning and building permits for works. Click on the links below for the relevant information.


Do you have more than 3 dogs registered on your property? 
If you do, then you will need to apply for a Kennel Licence. An information pack is provided below for your assistance.

Kennel Licence Information Pack


The purpose of this application is for Dorset Council to provide approval for works to be undertaken in the road reservation, if they impact Dorset Council assets or involve public safety.

Application for Permit to Carry Out Works in a Road Reserve

Other Licences/Permits:

Here are other licences and permits that you may require for various reasons: