Scottsdale High School

Our school has built up a proud reputation in our community since it was established in 1922, and maintains strong and supportive community relationships. We run classes from Years 7-10, as well as a number of classes and options for Years 11 and 12.

The Scottsdale community is supportive and traditional, with a strong sense of family values. The school is strongly supported by its School Association, Parents and Friends' sub-committee, and numerous other parent and community groups who continue to actively contribute and enrich the school's educational programme.

The original school motto was, "Prorsum et Semper Honeste," which is Latin for 'Straightforward and Always Honest.' However, in the 1990's the motto was changed to a more contemporary sentiment, "Be Your Best."  In 2013, this was reviewed and the motto is now, "Think Positive, Be Positive".

A high proportion of students travel to our school by bus, which limits after school activities. However, local communities more than compensate by providing sporting opportunities, which our students enthusiastically embrace, maintaining healthy, longstanding inter-town rivalries! Students are exceptionally talented in many co-curricular activities such as: sport; debating; national and state subject competitions; and cattle handling, craft and food products at agricultural shows. Work placements and flexible programs, which are targeted to suit individual needs of students, are well supported by the many local businesses and industries.

The Scottsdale High School has it's own website, where you can find out all about the School Farm, the Dorset Trade Training Centre, Mt Cameron Field Studies Centre, and other great assets for our school! 

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Scottsdale High School      
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