Weeds in Dorset

What are weeds?

A weed is a plant that requires some form of action to reduce its negative effects on the economy, the environment and human health or amenity. In Dorset there are two main categories of weeds:

Dorset Council is committed to strategically reducing the current extent of identified weeds and preventing the establishment of new high threat weeds within the municipality.


Where to go for information?

For weed identification, information and advice please contact the Council:

Robert Masterman

Phone (03) 6352 6575

Email robert.masterman@dorset.tas.gov.au


The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) website also has extensive information on weed control, management techniques and legislation. For enquiries you can contact Biosecurity Tasmania by phone (03) 6165 3777 or email Weed.Enquiries@dpipwe.tas.gov.au