Council Meetings

Dorset Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. They are open to the public and commence at 6.00 pm at the Council Chambers, 3 Ellenor Street, Scottsdale (unless an alternative location is listed). Agendas for the meeting are available to the public and can be downloaded from our website or a hard copy collected from the Council Offices. Audio from each meeting (previous six months) is publicly available upon request and can be provided via email or copied on to a self provided USB.

Schedule of Ordinary Council Meetings - 2019

Annual General Meeting

Public Question Time and Deputations at a Council Meeting

Members of the public can ask questions or make a deputation (statement) at any Council Meeting.  The Public Question Time and Deputations Information Sheet gives you guidelines and the process on how to make a deputation or to speak during public question time.