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Waste Management

Welcome to the Waste Management section of the Dorset Council website. We have endeavoured to include all information relating to queries you may have of waste management here, and hope this section will be helpful.

A comprehensive waste and recycling service is provided for residents and visitors alike. 

Dorset Council aims to service needs efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner.

Dorset Council has partnered with a number of national recycling initiatives, including drumMUSTER, and MobileMuster.

>To report a pollution, environmental incident (eg. Illegal Dumping) or littering offence contact Council on (03) 6352 6500

On this page:

  1. Waste Transfer Stations
  2. Opening Hours
  3. Waste Transfer Station Fees
  4. Rubbish Vouchers
  5. Kerbside Collection
  6. Collection Calendar
  7. Recycling and Waste Reduction
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Waste Transfer Stations

There are three Waste Transfer Stations located across the region:

> Scottsdale Waste Transfer Station – (03) 6352 3402 | 750 Bridport Road JETSONVILLE


> Gladstone Waste Transfer Station – (03) 6357 2182 | Carr Street/Cape Portland Road GLADSTONE

> Branxholm Waste Transfer Station – (03) 6354 6372 | Ruby Flats Road BRANXHOLM

Please note that pets are to remain in vehicles at all times whilst at the Waste Transfer Stations.  Children are to remain under close supervision if in the Last Chance Resale Shop and to remain under supervision and within the vehicle at all other times whilst on the site.

Last Chance Resale Shop

The Last Chance Resale Shop is located at the Scottsdale Waste Transfer Station.  Donations of quality, used furniture and items are accepted.  All proceeds go towards a local charity.  At the 18 February 2019 Council Meeting, Council approved the allocation of funds raised from the Tip Shop to the Royal Flying Doctors Service ($1,685.50) and to Rural Alive & Well Inc ($1,685.50).  All proceeds from 1 January 2019 will be allocated to a Dorset charitable organisation by a six monthly expressions of interest process. Local registered charities are encouraged to apply  Expression of Interest form.


Opening Hours






10am – 2pm


9am – 3pm






9am – 5pm

9am – 5pm

1pm – 5pm






9am – 5pm




9am – 5pm

9am – 5pm

9am – 4pm


9am – 5pm

1pm – 5pm

10am  5pm

*Gladstone Waste Transfer Station is also open from 9am to 3pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays that fall after a gazetted public holiday.

ALL WASTE TRANSFER STATIONS ARE CLOSED on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.  EFTPOS is available at the Scottsdale Waste Transfer Station.

Waste Transfer Station Fees

Rubbish Vouchers

Dorset Council property owners are provided with 5 rubbish vouchers per annum.  1 token provides free entry for waste not exceeding a volume or 3 cubic metres uncompacted. 

Vouchers are not transferrable and are valid until 31 July 2019.

Landlords are requested to pass vouchers onto tenants as soon as possible.  Tenants wishing to enquire about Tip Vouchers should contact the managing agent or landlord. 

Kerbside Collection

A fortnightly kerbside collection service is offered to residential areas for collection of household waste and recycling.

The standard waste wheelie bin is 120L.  Bins can be upgraded to a 240L bin or downgraded to an 80L bin. Contact Council for more information. 

To make sure your bins are emptied:

  • Ensure there is 1 metre between bins
  • Make sure the wheels of the bin are nearest to your property
  • Do not place bins under trees that have overhanging branches
  • Do not overfill your bins.  Overfilled or excessively heavy bins may not be emptied
  • Ensure your bin is kerbside by 5.45am on the day of collection

If you are unsure about what can be put into your kerbside collection bins and what needs to go to a Waste Transfer Station check out our handy A-Z guide

Dorset Council A-Z Guide to Recycling and Waste

For damaged, lost or stolen bins or to apply for a new bin contact Council on (03) 6352 6500

Kerbside Collection Changes - from July 1 2019

As part of a broader strategy to self-manage kerbside waste and recycling collection in Dorset, Council resolved to adopt a reviewed Rates and Charges Policy on 15 April 2019.  One of the adopted changes was the setting of designated kerbside collection zones.   All properties within the kerbside collection zone will be supplied with a standard set of 1 x medium -120L waste mobile garbage bin (MGB) and 1 x 240 L recycling MGB (waste bins are also available in small - 80L, and large – 240L).  Owners of vacant lots will not automatically receive a kerbside collection service, however can apply for a service by contacting Council.  Property owners with properties of any zoning who have road frontage on the prescribed kerbside collection route may be eligible to opt in for kerbside collection services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To assist customers with all their waste management questions, suggestions and feedback we have developed a list of FAQ’s. We will continue updating this list to reflect current queries during the implementation of in-house waste management and kerbside collection.

1. Are we going to be getting…     

  • Green waste collection?
  • Compost bins?
  • Weekly bin collections?
  • Education and awareness initiatives?

We understand the importance of building a strong foundation and getting the basics right. Before we look at expanding service levels any further or introducing some of the exciting initiatives that customers are suggesting, our new waste collection employees need time to be trained so that we can provide customers with a quality service.  We want to keep our rates low and our employment local so this will also be a factor in any future decisions.  We are taking down all of your suggestions to review later in the year, so thank you for all your feedback!

2. How do I know if I am in the collection zone? 

Properties that are eligible to receive the service include developed properties within the localities of  BridportScottsdaleNabowlaRingaroomaLegerwoodBranxholmWinnaleahDerbyPioneerHerrickGladstone and Tomahawk which, in accordance with the Dorset Interim Planning Scheme 2013, are zoned as General Residential, Low Density Residential, Rural Living, Urban Mixed Use, Village, Local Business, General Business or Particular Purpose.  To check your property’s zoning, you can visit The List Map, type your property address in the search bar and add the ‘Tasmanian Interim Planning Scheme Zoning’ layer to the map. (LISTmap) or have a look at the attached maps in the Rates and Charges Policy (number 42) here.

3. I always had kerbside collection, but now I’m not in the collection zone – why is this?

While preparing to take kerbside collection in house, Council had to make decisions on where the zones would begin and end. To make the zones as defined as possible for everyone involved, it was decided that the zones would be based on locality and the zoning of the property. There are some properties that were originally receiving collection that aren’t in Council’s new zones. Council have committed to continue maintaining the service levels to these properties until Council are able to undertake a review later in 2019 to determine whether it is possible to permanently extend services to these areas.

4. I’m not in the mandatory zone, but can I opt in to the kerbside collection service?

If you are along one of the new collection routes (see below) you may be eligible to ‘opt in’ to Council’s service. To discuss an opt-in kerbside collection service, please contact Council’s friendly customer service team.

 Opt in areas:

1. Bridport Kerbside Collection Zone

+ Opt ins between Scottsdale and Bridport via Bridport Road

+ Opt ins along Sandy Point Road to Port Hills collection area


2. Derby, Herrick, Pioneer, Gladstone, Tomahawk and Winnaleah Kerbside Collection Zones

+ Opt ins between Branxholm and Pioneer (via Tasman Highway)

+ Opt ins between Pioneer and Tomahawk (via Gladstone, Waterhouse and Tomahawk Roads)

+ Opt ins between Tomahawk and Winnaleah (via Banca Road)

+ Opt ins from the Tasman Highway to Banks Road collection zone


3. Scottsdale Kerbside Collection Area

+ Opt ins from King Street to Pennells Road along East Minstone Road to Rural Living collection zone (back along East Minstone Road) 


4. Nabowla, Legerwood, Ringarooma, and Branxholm Kerbside Collection Zones

+ Opt ins between Nabowla and Carisbrook Lane (via Tasman Highway)

+ Opt ins along Carisbrook Lane to Legerwood

+ Opt ins between Legerwood and Ringarooma (along Ringarooma Road)

+ Opt ins between Ringarooma and Branxholm (via Legerwood Lane)

+ Opt ins between Branxholm and Carisbrook Lane (via Tasman Highway)


Alternatively you can get in contact with one of our friendly local operators to organise an alternative private collection arrangement.

  • For properties on the Bridport side of the Scottsdale Waste Transfer Station:

+ Rent a Bag – Tim Gillespie 0400 508 774

  • For properties on the Scottsdale side of the Scottsdale Waste Transfer Station:

+ Dorset Rubbish Removals – Mark Kettle 0427 576 720

 5. Can I expect a rise in my rates?

The General Rate will not be impacted by the extension of kerbside collection services. Properties that are now receiving kerbside collection will attract a service fee for the collection service being provided.

6. What are my bins days?
























 7. Why have you changed/split the collection days?

To minimise risk of contamination of our recyclables we have had to split them out onto a separate day.  This enables the truck to be thoroughly cleaned between collection streams.  Keeping with the same day of the week for each collection was the easiest way for people to remember their bin day. 

8. Why didn't I get a bin delivered?  The truck was in my area!

As you can imagine there is a large number of bins going out as part of the roll out.  These are being done in 'waves'  as only a set number of bins can fit on the truck at any one time.  The waves are based on system generated addresses according to zoning, land use codes etc.  If the truck has gone past don't panic you will simply be in the next batch of deliveries.  If you have not received a bin by Friday 21st June please get in contact with our customer service team.  

 9. People are getting their bins collected and it's before the July 1st start date?!  What's going on?

Residents in some of our newer services areas have been invited to participate in some 'dummy runs' to assist us with testing out our new equipment, systems and processes so we are ready for real collection to start from July 1st.  If you would like to check if you are included give customer service a call.  

End Note

With a new system and new equipment there are bound to be some initial ‘bumps’ and we will be continuously refining our processes to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for the community.  We really do appreciate your patience over the next few weeks.  If you have any other questions not answered please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service team. 

Collection Calendar - until June 30th

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Free Recycling

Did you know that many materials can be recycled for FREE at our Waste Transfer Stations?  This includes:

  • Green Waste (Separated)
  • E-Waste (TV’s, Computers, Printers etc)
  • Polystyrene
  • Silage Wraps
  • Car Batteries
  • Steel and whitegoods
  • Motor vehicle bodies

Check our fees and charges for further information relating to Waste Transfer Station fees.

Dorset Council is a member of the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group (NTWMG).

The NTWMG works to achieve improvements in waste reduction and resource recovery, improve regional cooperation and coordination of waste services, oversee waste management policy setting and service delivery, and coordinate community education.

The NTWMG is part of a statewide initiative called Rethink Waste which provides resources, funding and information to improve our collective efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle - you can find out more here!