Waste Management

Welcome to the Waste Management section of the Dorset Council website. We have endeavoured to include all information relating to queries you may have of waste management here, and hope this section will be helpful.


To download a PDF copy of the Waste Management Information click here

Dorset Council is a member of the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group (NTWMG).

The NTWMG works to achieve improvements in waste reduction and resource recovery, improve regional cooperation and coordination of waste services, oversee waste management policy setting and service delivery, and coordinate community education.

The NTWMG is part of a statewide initiative called Rethink Waste which provides resources, funding and information to improve our collective efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle - you can find out more here!

FREE Polystyrene Recycling

Did you know clean polystyrene packaging, as found around new TVs and fridges, can be recycled (just not via our domestic recycling)? You can simply drop it off (for FREE) at the Launceston Recycling Centre on Cavalry Road, Mowbray, where it is melted down into bricks weighing an average of 19 kilograms each. Polystyrene is mostly air, so melting the polystyrene into bricks reduces its volume by over 95%. Once melted down, the bricks are then easily shipped away to be recycled into other products.