Living in Dorset

Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

Visiting Dorset

Dorset has a unique blend of wilderness, wildlife, stunning scenery, mining heritage, secluded beaches and world class golf courses.

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Business community in Dorset

Dorset Council is focused on providing support to potential investors to facilitate sustainable developments large and small.

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Living in Dorset

The Dorset region. A place of amazing natural beauty and arguably the best hidden gem Tasmania has to offer. With a population of 6,829 (2021 Census), Dorset is situated in the North East of Tasmania and boasts a mild climate with warm summers and cool, wet winters.

The rich fertile soil is perfect if you are looking to start your own small (or large) patch of tomatoes but bear in mind tomato growing is serious business in the North East with relish recipes a closely guarded secret. If eating fruit and veg is more your cup of tea than growing it then you'll be well looked after with many local markets and roadside stalls to tempt your taste buds across the region.

The people living in Dorset are relaxed and friendly and the natural environment presents countless opportunities for exploration and adventure or for peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city lifestyles. There's a lot happening under the surface of this seemingly quiet regional area and a picture perfect spot is always just a short drive away. From raising a family to contemplating retirement you would be hard pressed to find a better lifestyle than that of the North East.

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The main services centre and heart of our rich, agricultural dairying and forest region. Scottsdale is the largest town between Launceston and the East Coast and houses the majority of Dorset's residents. Shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, community activities, recreation centres, hospital, pubs, clubs and retirement living – Scottsdale has all your needs covered, is full of diverse architectural heritage, within easy reach of wilderness and waterfalls and provides picturesque rural landscapes to boot.


"The Gold Coast". Bridport is a beautiful and relaxed seaside village overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Anderson Bay, Barnbougle Beach and the Furneaux islands. Its population doubles every summer with those savvy enough to know a good place when they find it. Bridport is blessed with a precious natural environment, accessible walks, safe secluded swimming beaches and a mild micro climate. For sand in your toes, sea breeze in your hair and coastal scenery at your doorstep Bridport is for you. Oh and if golf is your thing – you'll probably have already heard of this little spot… Barnbougle.


Branxholm is another highly productive region with residents enjoying an idyllic rural lifestyle nestled in a spectacular valley on the banks of the Ringarooma River. The town, while small boasts good community facilities, shops, restaurants/cafes, a swimming pool, and accommodation as well as (of course) a local pub.

Ringarooma and Legerwood

Situated at the foothills of the Mt Victoria reserve the spirited little village of Ringarooma has rich agricultural and mining history and is centred in one of Tasmania"s most productive farming areas. The landscape transforms from rolling farmland to rainforest and glimpses of the superb Ringarooma Valley.

Legerwood is another nearby agricultural town and home to the amazing avenue of World War I memorial tree carvings.


If you have a love of shiny things on two wheels then it's likely you have heard of the unique heritage town of Derby. Once an old tin mining town Derby is now home to the world class Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails and this previously small and unassuming town is now a bustling hub for all things mountain biking and mountain bikers.

Gladstone - Musselroe Bay

Tasmania's most north easterly township, Gladstone sits on the boundary of the widely recognised Mt William/Bay of Fires National Park with its stunning pristine, white beaches, and rewarding fishing.

Musselroe Bay is home to the impressive Musselroe Wind Farm.


With a shop, schools and a pub Winnaleah is another centre of agricultural production and is well equipped for residents to enjoy a peaceful rural lifestyle well away from the hustle and bustle of larger towns and cities. Other villages in the area are Pioneer and Herrick.


Tomahawk is a seaside hamlet offering great fishing, beaches and a relaxed coastal lifestyle surrounded by Tasmania's finest beef and dairy farms. Nearby services at Bridport make it an ideal place for an exclusive getaway.


Dorset has you covered for all things primary and secondary education and with University study now able to be done online you may never have to leave the North East!

Babies and Children

There is a huge range of services and facilities in the North East with playgrounds, playgroups and childcare a plenty.


  • Jetsonville Playgroup
  • Bridport Playgroup
  • Dorset Community House
  • Ringarooma Playgroup
  • Scottsdale Primary Launch into Learning Program
  • Bridport Primary Launch into Learning Program
  • Ringarooma Primary Launch into Learning Program
  • LINC ' Programs for Babies and Toddlers


  • Northeast Park, Scottsdale
  • Children's Reserve, Scottsdale
  • Bridport Lions Adventure Playground, Bridport
  • Legerwood Park, Legerwood
  • Derby Park, Derby
  • Centenary Park, Branxholm
  • Winnaleah Park and Playground, Winnaleah
  • Pioneer Playground, Pioneer
Aquatic Centre
Overview from Lookout
Under The Bow Old Pier Bridport Image Credit Jason Stephens Photography jpeg file

Young People

There is a lots on offer for the adventurous young person with sports clubs and community organisations offering a varied line up of activities and programs to help develop skills and get you out of your comfort zone. To compliment this there are a number of facilities around the region.

  • Scottsdale Skate Park
  • Bridport Lions Adventure Playground, Bridport
  • Children's Reserve, Scottsdale
  • Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails

Health Services

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Dorset is an affordable option for housing so you will have more $$ leftover for enjoying your new found relaxing lifestyle.

  • Median weekly rent - $160
  • Median monthly mortgage repayments - $1,020

Local real estate agents will be able to assist in finding the property of your dreams or to get you on your way to starting that new business or group.