Living in Dorset

Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

Visiting Dorset

Dorset has a unique blend of wilderness, wildlife, stunning scenery, mining heritage, secluded beaches and world class golf courses.

Contact us

  • Phone (03) 6352 6500
  • Fax (03) 6352 6509
  •  After Hours: 1300 858 824

Business community in Dorset

Dorset Council is focused on providing support to potential investors to facilitate sustainable developments large and small.

Contact us

  • Phone (03) 6352 6500
  • Fax (03) 6352 6509
  • After Hours 1300 858 824
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Year Citizen of the Year Young Citizen of the Year
2023Mr & Mrs Peter & Phyllis McLennan

Miss Zali Brown

2022Mr Rodney MartinMiss Ruby Hall
2021 Mr Douglas Beswick Miss Amelia Barnett
2020 Mrs Cheryl McCartie Miss Zali Grace
2019 Mrs Ann Speers Miss Lucy Partridge
2018 Mr Andrew Bennett Miss Raigan Kettle
2017 Ms Katherine Dodds Miss Hannah Viney
2016 Mr Wayne Robert Harper Mr Callum Bensemann
2015 Ms Helen Stingel Ms Ellen Branch
2014 Mrs Patricia Young Mr Sulemaan Kaiyum
2013 Mr Lynden Russell Mr Russel Whitmore
2012 Mr Bruce Scott OAM Mr Aaron Worker
2011 Mrs Karen Hall Mrs Melissa Krushka
2010 Dr Paul McGinity Miss Nerinda Lade
2009 Mrs Gayle Edson Miss Dana Chorley
2008 Mr Robert Jaffray Miss Ashlee Kerrison
2007 Mr Tony Targett
2006 Mr David Brown Mr Richard Harvey
2005 Mrs Joan Heazlewood Mr Bobby Young
2004 Mrs Vicki Forsyth Mr Brendon Woolnough
2003 Mrs Pat Child Miss Natasha Williams
2002 Mr Jeffrey C Harper Miss Emily S Williams
Miss Tiah E Simmons
2001 Mr Robert Cox Mr Jamie Pinner
2000 Mr Rex Rainbow N/A

Ref: 17/821

Dorset Community Service Award

This award was created in 2016 to recognise a former resident of Dorset, Yvonne Thorne. While no longer a resident and therefore not eligible to receive a Dorset Australia Day Award, Yvonne was awarded the first Dorset Community Service Award in 2016 to thank her for her years of service to Dorset.