Living in Dorset

Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

Visiting Dorset

Dorset has a unique blend of wilderness, wildlife, stunning scenery, mining heritage, secluded beaches and world class golf courses.

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Business community in Dorset

Dorset Council is focused on providing support to potential investors to facilitate sustainable developments large and small.

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Mayor & Councillors

Councillors are elected by persons eligible to vote in Dorset and are representatives for the whole community. The next Local Government Election will be held in 2026.

Commissioner for the Dorset Council | Mr Andrew Wardlaw

Minister for Local Government, Hon Nic Street MP has established a Board of Inquiry into aspects of the operation of Dorset Council. The Minister has also made the decision to suspend all councillors (from 11am, 2 August 2023) for the duration of the inquiry, with a Commissioner appointed to administer the Council.

Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Barbara Baker AC appointed Mr Andrew Wardlaw as Commissioner for the Dorset Council on Wednesday, 2 August 2023. The Board of Inquiry and suspension of councillors will have no impact on the services delivered by Council, with business continuing as usual. Any decisions or actions required that would usually be undertaken by the Mayor or Councillors will be directed to Commissioner Wardlaw, with all functions and powers of the Council delegated to him during this period.

Commissioner Wardlaw has worked for 20 years in senior roles in local government, including nine years as the General Manager of Burnie City Council.

The Commissioner can be contacted via email or phone 03 6352 6544 or 0408 766 019.

Website Commissioner Andrew Wardlaw

2022 - 2026 Elected Council

Rear: Cr Mervyn Chilcott, Cr Anna Coxen, Cr Leonie Stein, Cr Beth Donoghue, Cr Jerrod Nichols

Front: Cr Edwina Powell, Deputy Mayor Dale Jessup, Mayor Greg Howard, Cr Kahlia Simmons

NOTE: The Minister for Local Government suspended all Councillors from 11am, Wednesday 2 August 2023 whilst a Board of Inquiry investigation is undertaken.

2022 Council Group Shot

Code of Conduct

Please find below the Dorset Council Councillor Code of Conduct, the Complaint Lodgement Form and an Information Sheet for Complainants. The Councillor Code of Conduct was reviewed and adopted, without variation, by Council on 20 February 2023. The cost of a code of conduct complaint for the 2023/24 financial year is $89.00.

Dorset Council Councillor Code of Conduct

Local Government Councillor Code of Conduct Complaint Form (Word Document) - July 2022

Local Government Code of Conduct - Information for Complainants Information Sheet - July 2022

All Code of Conduct Complaints lodged must meet the requirements listed in Section 28V of the Local Government Act 1993. More information on the Local Government Code of Conduct for Tasmanian Councillors can be found on the Local Government Division website here

Councillor Gifts and Donations Register

As of 1 August 2018, the Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to keep a register of gifts and donations received by Councillors. Gifts and donations to be reported include any of the following with a value of $50 or more:

  • an item;
  • a service;
  • a loan of money;
  • a loan of property; or
  • any other benefit

This includes a series of gifts or donations received by the same Councillor from the same donor where the total value in a financial year is $50 or more. EG: a $10 lunch bought for a Councillor each week over a period of time. Dorset Council's Councillor Register was last updated in October 2023 and is reviewed monthly (correct as at 1 February 2024). The current Register can be viewed below:

Councillor Gifts and Donations Register