Dorset Council employs 56 full-time equivalent staff, at various sites throughout the Dorset municipality.

Our Infrastracture Team is located at depots situated in Scottsdale, Bridport and Derby.  

Dorset Council also employs seasonal, casual staff to operate our pools in Scottsdale and Branxholm, cleaners and caretakers for our public amenities and halls, and caretakers for the Bridport Caravan Park.

Dorset Council Organisational Chart

Click here to view Dorset Council's current organisational chart.

2018 Management Team

Rohan Willis (Director - Community & Development), John Marik (Director - Corporate Services), Tim Watson (General Manager), Dwaine Griffin (Director - Works & Infrastructure)


Dorset Council Vision Statement 

Our Vision - A vibrant Community of Natural living for today and tomorrow.

Our Mission - To improve the quality of life of the poeple of Dorset through services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.

Our Values

Leadership - We lead by example through our behaviours and approach to work. We are a proactive advocate for the community, and engage with the community in determing and driving a vision for Dorset.

Creative Thinking - We create a solution-based environment that challenges the status quo and encourages innovation.

Customer Service - We meet out service standards in a professional and responsive manner.

Engagement - We communicate openly and encourage the active participation of the community.

Financially Responsible - We deliver services to the community in a sustainable and strategic cost effective way.

Respect - We treat each other with mutual respect.


Dorset Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter is in compliance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 and outlines our commitment to customers in accordance with our mission statement and provides a formalised process for making complaints or requests. It outlines customers’ rights, mutual expectations, the standards customers can expect when dealing with Council and what a customer can do if dissatisfied with Council decisions or actions.  Dorset Council's Charter can be found here in our Policy Register - Policy No 18.