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Posted 18 July 2023

Briefing of Decisions | 17 July 2023 Council Meeting

Council Meetings

For further information on any of these items, please contact the Mayor, Cr Greg Howard (0409 546 247) or Acting General Manager, Mr Rohan Willis (03 6352 6500).

Briefing of Decisions | 17 July 2023 Council Meeting

Briefing of Decisions made at the Council Meeting held on 17 July at the Council Chambers

  • Supported a Notice of Motion from Councillor Dale Jessup that Council reject all three scenarios put forward by the Local Government Board as outlined in the Future of Local Government Review: North-East Community Catchment Information Pack.
  • Endorsed Council’s submission to the Future of Local Government Review relative to the North-East Community Catchment Information Pack to be submitted by the 2 August deadline.
  • Received and noted the June Final Report of the 2022/23 Annual Plan.
  • Agreed for Council to enter into a 10-year principle and interest loan with TasCorp for the amount of $500,000 and on lend the loan funds to May Shaw via a back to back loan pursuant to the Redevelopment and Asset Transfer Agreement between Council and May Shaw.
  • Appointed Councillors Howard, Donoghue and Powell to serve as representatives on the Road and Footpath Committee, until November 2024.
  • Resolved, pursuant to the provisions of the Place Names Act 2020, to name the proposed public road off Ringarooma Road into the Scottsdale Depot site as ‘Northeast Lane’.

The recording of the Council Meeting can be listened to here