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Posted 19 December 2023

Briefing of Decisions | 18 December 2023 Council Meeting

Council Meetings

For further information on any of these items, please contact Commissioner Andrew Wardlaw (0408 766 019) or Acting General Manager, Mr Rohan Willis (03 6352 6500).

Briefing of Decisions | 18 December 2023 Council Meeting

Briefing of Decisions made at the Council Meeting held on

18 December at the Council Chambers

  • Received and noted an update on the North East Rail Trail project, the Council submission on the Draft Tasmania Fire and Emergency Services Bill, and Management Team Briefing Report.
  • Received and noted the motion received from Mr Tony Scott to consider re-joining the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation in the future, as approved at the 2023 Annual General Meeting; and acknowledged that a resolution was passed at the 20 November Council Meeting to re-join the Corporation on a trial membership from 1 December 2023 to 30 June 2024.
  • Adopted the Schedule of Council Meeting dates for 2024.
  • Adopted reviewed Policy No. 54 – Wood Encouragement with no amendments.
  • Adopted new Policy No. 61 – Safeguarding Children and Young People, appointed the Administration Manager as Council’s Child Safety Officer, noted that quarterly reports relating to Council’s implementation of the Child and Youth Safe Organisations Framework will be tabled in March 2024, June 2024, September 2024 and December 2024, and review the Policy in December 2024, unless reviewed prior.
  • Adopted the following variations to Council’s 2023/24 Annual Plan: update to Council on the status of the State Government Container Refund Scheme, Blue Derby transition reporting, review of Policy 56 – Bridport Seaside Caravan Park Annual Site, reporting on the Child and Youth Safe Organisations Framework, and administrative changes to responsible teams.
  • Adopted a variation to the 2023/24 Fees and Charges to include a camping fee of $40 per night for the area adjacent to the Derby Car Park and Amenities area.
  • Formalised the annual performance review and remuneration package of the General Manager, in the Closed Session portion of the Meeting.
The recording of the Council Meeting be downloaded here